We all have certain false beliefs about eggs when we are out grocery shopping, but it’s time to break free

We all know how healthy eggs are and how important it is to add them to our diet plan. But there are certain myths attached with it. Let’s have a look at some of the common myths and find the fact behind them.

Myth: Eggs increase the blood cholesterol level and should be avoided.

Fact: This is one of the most common myths surrounding eggs. The fact is that eggs should not be avoided as there an excellent source of protein. While measuring the impact of a food item on our blood cholesterol levels, saturated and trans-fat (the harmful fats) levels should be taken into account.

Eggs are low in saturated fat and have no trans-fat, only a small amount of cholesterol.

Myth: Washing eggs before use can eliminate salmonella bacteria present on them.

Fact: This is a big myth which needs to be busted. Salmonella bacteria are present inside the egg and not on the egg shell. Hence, washing eggs will not really help in removing the bacteria.

Myth: Having lot of eggs in a day is bad for health.

Fact: People mostly think that they should limit their consumption of eggs. Scientifically it has been seen that up to 3 whole eggs per day are perfectly safe for healthy people.

Myth: White eggs vs brown egg, which is healthier?

Fact: Many people have certain preferences when it comes to the colour of the egg shells. Many think that brown eggs are healthier or more natural as compared to the white eggs. The fact is that eggs come in many colours due to the pigments the hens produce. Hence, both white and brown have the same nutritional values and are healthy.

Myth: Eating eggs can cause heart disease.

Fact: This is one more common myth with eating eggs. Lot of studies have been done on this myth and it has been concluded that eating eggs and heart disease are not linked.

Myth: Eating eggs can help in preventing blindness.

Fact: The fact is eggs can help in protecting our eyes with age related blindness because of the various kinds’ nutrients it is loaded with it.

Myth: Salmonella bacteria is found only in the yolks of raw eggs so eating raw white eggs is safe.

Fact: It is a fact that salmonella bacteria is mostly found in egg yolk but even the egg whites are contaminated. So it is always advised not to eat raw or even undercooked eggs.

Myth: Buying eggs from local farmers is safer than from the grocery store.

Fact: Eggs come from chickens, and chickens in turn harbour Salmonella bacteria. So there is no guarantee that farmers market is a safer option as compared to the grocery store.

(Dr Saumya Satakshi the author is a Senior Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant, Healthians)