​Adam Vinatieri is one of the best kickers in NFL history, and has made a name for himself for making the biggest kicks in the worst weather Mother Nature can throw at him on the gridiron.

Yet on Saturday, Vinatieri missed a chip-shot in the snow just before the end of the half for the ​Colts. Former Oakland Raider Charles Woodson took to Twitter to express his frustration, wondering why Vinatieri couldn't have played out that miss 17 years ago in the infamous "Tuck Rule Game."

For those unfamiliar, ​Vinatieri beat Woodson's Raiders in 2001 after sending the game to overtime with a clutch conversion. New England would go on to win the Super Bowl with Tom Brady under center.

Shield your eyes, Raiders fans.

​​Even the best of the best are bound to mess up from time to time, and Vinatieri is near the end of his career with Indianapolis. Vinatieri was hoping his career wouldn't end in disappointment, but he's done enough winning in his NFL career. The man was due.