Before Monday, you would be hard pressed to find someone who would actually be advocated for Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka given his performance on the job over the last few months. However, one NBA titan has come out firmly in Pelinka's corner.

Former Lakers coach and current Miami Heat president Pat Riley, who coached Magic Johnson for nine seasons, supported Pelinka by claiming that he "never had a problem with Rob" while blasting Magic's comments on First Take this morning.

Riley also downplayed the turmoil surrounding the Lakers, chalking it up to the usual goings-on in an organization of this magnitude.

"This kind of s--- goes on in organizations every day," Riley says. "The organization gets too big, there are too many people who have been around a long time, and they start voicing their opinion about things, and that's when the culture starts to crack."

Riley is hopeful, however, that Magic's interview will help the Lakers recalibrate. "Maybe Earvin's honesty will do something to get [the Lakers] thinking," Riley said.

For the sake of anyone who watches the NBA (outside of Clippers fans), let's hope so.