​The ​Washington Wizards may be off to a terrible start to their NBA season, as they are currently sitting at 2-8, but star point guard John Wall doesn't seem to be letting that get him down. Check out Wall as he hilariously interacts with fans on Instagram Live:

Is this man really sitting in a hot tub trash talking his fans? That's certainly one way to cope with the state of Washington's season so far. Wall does claim he just got back from practice, so it makes sense that he wants to relax.

But when you're the star player of a team that is 2-8, it's probably best to not provoke your fans like this. Just a thought. ​​

​​All signs point to the Wizards having a dysfunctional locker room, and it seems that there is some bad blood between players. Wall himself is not playing as well as he should be, given his contract and his status at their singular star (sorry, Bradley). This doesn't seem like it will help their locker room chemistry one bit.

But regardless of the way the season is going, it's hilarious to see that ​John Wall doesn't seem to really care. He looks to be enjoying his life despite the poor start to the ​NBA season, and we really can't condemn the man for living it up.