As soon as Dan Orlovsky was rumored to be being pursued by the Philadelphia Eagles as an assistant to head coach Doug Pederson, ESPN should have taken the initiative to remove its NFL analyst from debates that centered around the franchise. After all, his bias for Philly -- particularly his affinity for quarterback Carson Wentz -- has likely increased tenfold since that buzz first surfaced.

Like clockwork, Orlovsky was back to preaching Wentz's gospel while simultaneously slandering Dallas Cowboys signal caller Dak Prescott on "Get Up" on Tuesday morning.

Orlovsky's smugness while Domonique Foxworth was rattling off glaring stats that give Prescott the upper hand in this never-ending debate suggested that he was about to put his ESPN colleague in a bodybag. However, the former fifth-round pick of the Detroit Lions pretty much dug his own grave.

Rather than compare Prescott's and Wentz's careers like-for-like, Orlovsky bizarrely chose to die on the "only to do it" hill. Foxworth's befuddled reaction says it all in that the former NFL veteran's rebuttal didn't really prove anything.

It just further confirmed that the North Dakota State product is a good quarterback...which we already knew. If Orlovsky wants to start convincing the people that Wentz is better than Dak, he should probably dig up more applicable statistics.