​Imagine Patrick Mahomes throwing the touchdown pass to break the Chiefs' season record. He rolls to the right, looks around, and riffles a beautiful spiral into the hands of Chris Jones. Defensive end Chris Jones. This stuff doesn't even happen on Madden, but it is still a dream of Jones'. The defensive player joked with the media about catching said touchdown, and seemed to only be jesting a little.

Is he joking? Is he serious? Who knows. But Derrick Nnadi clearly agrees, hilariously nodding his head in the background.

Jones makes the point that the pass would be, "great, for not only my resume but for his. He could say he (threw) it to Chris Jones. I look at that as a win-win situation. It’s just about convincing coaches to dial up something to make that happen."

Mahomes is sitting at 29 touchdowns this season, just one behind Len Dawson's season record. Will the youngster break that record Sunday? Duh. Will it be to Jones? Doubtful.

But what if it was? What if Andy Reid, the offensive guru, makes it happen? It would be legendary.

The scariest part about all of this is that at 8-1, the Chiefs are still having fun. There isn't pressure on their shoulders. They are confident, cocky, and on their way to greatness.