A very frustrated Pixel owner had resorted to banners and posters after Google failed to fix his smartphone. Manu Aggarwal from Rohtak, Haryana said that Google’s customer service charged him a total Rs 26,851 but still failed to fix his Pixel phone.

Aggarwal claimed that Google had charged him for the repairs even though the smartphone was still under warranty. Responding to the Pixel owner’s claims, Google has issued a statement on the same.

“In this particular case, when the customer was dissatisfied with our repeated efforts and response to his service request, we offered a free of cost repair or a new device, in line with our warranty policy. He has however repeatedly failed to accept the replacement and has instead demanded two units of the next-gen Pixel. Unfortunately, we cannot give in to misuse of our policy or coercion, and are unable to comply with his unreasonable demands.”

Google’s statement is contradictory to Aggarwal’s story where he said that he was charged for fixing the smartphone and it was still facing issues. He first faced issues with the Pixel just days after he started using it. Following this, he communicated with Google’s customer service for the repairs.

In a tweet, Aggarwal details his experience with Google’s customer service as “222 Days of Mental Harassment is beyond imagination for Google lovers.” His frustration led to him putting up banners and posters across Delhi telling people not to buy Google’s Pixel smartphone. In one tweet, he even shared the QR code which leads to the tweets about his query with Google’s customer service. There’s also a video of him explaining the problems he faced with Google.

First Published: Jan 11, 2019 17:36 IST