Family ho? Nahi. Boyfriend? Nahi. Toh niklo.

How far would you go for a person who is just an acquaintance? How far would you stand by a family you hardly know? How many times would you risk your job to be around that one person? How far would you go for something you truly believe in? How long would you hope against hope?

October is all this and much more. It's an unsaid feeling, a love that no one screams from the rooftops, a promise to stay, an undying hope and an awakening.

Dan (Varun Dhawan) and Shiuli (Banita Sandhu), two trainees at a 5-star hotel, find a rare emotional connect after a sudden turn of events. A sudden accident brings them together in ways that they couldn't have imagined - and thus begins the journey of an unusual friendship and an unspoken bond.

While most of Shiuli's "close" and "practical" friends don't waste much time in getting back to the grind, Dan finds it hard to move on. Days turn into months and months turn into seasons, but Dan gets stuck in that October. The October when Shiuli fell from the terrace, the October when she asked about him before that freak accident.

Just like Shiuli, time stands still for Dan.

With his regular visits to Shiuli at the hospital, an edgy and rebellious Dan finally finds his purpose in life. From rallying for Shiuli when her uncle suggests pulling the plug, to standing as a pillar of support for her mom, to curtly telling his friends "chance" or "no chance" he will stick around, Dan is here to win your heart with his devotion for Shiuli.

The beauty of their relationship lies in his visits, and his little monologues. The scene where he convinces an almost comatose Shiuli that she needs the help of the ventilator a little longer, will tug at your heartstrings. "Kabhi kabhi meri bike nai chalti, use thoda kick deke bhagata hu toh chal jaati hai, ventilator bhi vaise hi kick hai."

At a time when Bollywood romances are about over-the-top declarations of love, October depicts a feeling of love that's pure and selfless in its real sense. Because Shoojit Sircar doesn't play October as a love story, but a story about love. It's about the gazes, about the unsaid somethings, about feelings that are hard to put in words.

October isn't your regular Rs 100-crore film with perfect doses of drama, action, romance peppered with songs and dances. Instead, it's a story about taking that chance, about waiting, about hope and love.

And the film is definitely worth your time.

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