Is Vincenzo season 2 in the making? Song Joong-ki spills the beans, Kwak Dong-yeon requests a spin-off

Over the past three months, K-drama lovers have been following the events unfolding on Vincenzo. The tvN drama features Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-been and 2PM's Ok Taecyeon in the lead. The show revolves around an Italian consigliere who finds himself in the middle of a corrupt bureaucracy and turns into a vigilante.

Vincenzo might have ended over the weekend but the finale has left a few possibilities of the second season. The series ends with Vincenzo (Song Joong-ki) flees to an island near Malta after getting his revenge against the Babel Group head Jang Jun-woo (Ok Taecyeon). However, the gold he was after is still with Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-been). This leaves the door open for his likely return to Korea.

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The open ending has left fans asking for a second season. Song Joong-ki, however, in a recent interview confessed that he is unsure if a follow-up season would be in the making. Speaking with South Korean news agency Sports Chosun (and translated by Jazmine Media), Song Joong-ki said that there has been no talks about season 2 yet. He is 'personally happy' with people requesting for season 2 but 'realistically speaking, it's not coming out'. He added that he doesn't thing there were any discussions of season 2 internally.

Though the Descendants of the Sun star doesn't envision a second season, his co-star Kwak Dong-yeon has proposed the idea of a spin-off. The actor, who plays Jang Jun-woo's brother Jang Han-seo in the series, suggested the spin-off idea to Netflix Korea on Twitter. The tweet featured a clip of Jang Han-seo's enjoying a drink with Vincenzo and expressed their sadness over the series coming to an end. The actor replied to the tweet and said, "Hope Netflix makes a spinoff (auto-translated by Twitter)."

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In an interview with Sports Chosun via Soompi, Kwak Dong-yeon said that a second season would be a dream come true for him. "I think a second season would be a dream come true. I hope that it really happens. All the other actors want it to happen as well. There are still a lot of Babel wannabes in Korea, so it’d be fun if Vincenzo could break them all open in the second season. I’m finished, but there’s always a way. Maybe I could be a grown-up Young Ho (Kang Chae Min) or a ghost who follows Vincenzo around all the time. Anyway, I’m satisfied with the current result. Han Seo managed to become a person he could be proud of before he departed the world," he said.

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