We're running out of words to describe the Los Angeles Lakers' dysfunctional offseason, but most would agree that it came to a head last month when former president of basketball operations Magic Johnson abruptly resigned in a press conference.

During a cameo appearance on ESPN's First Take last week, Johnson somehow topped it all off when he came out and told his side of the story that led to his resignation, with the most notable "revelation" surrounding the alleged backstabbing committed by general manger Rob Pelinka.

It would appear, however, that Magic left out several, all-important details of his failed tenure. According to a story by ESPN.com's Baxter Holmes, the former front office executive reportedly used threatening and bullying tactics if his way of thinking was ever questioned.

Several anonymous members within the Lakers organization spoke in the piece, and were quoted as saying that Johnson "berated staffers" including Luke Walton, and created an in-house culture that many longtime staffers said marginalized their colleagues.

If true, this is astonishing, and certainly serves as a counter from Lakers sources to Magic's public post-departure punches at Pelinka.

But it didn't stop there.

Perhaps the most disturbing detail from this article is that Magic's fear-mongering approach gave many staffers feelings of anxiety so severe that at least two of his colleagues suffered panic attacks.

It's only a matter of time until the Hall of Famer responds to these accusations, so stay tuned, folks.