Tuesday’s episode began with an angry message from Bigg Boss. After being instructed to not mess with the rules presented in Monday’s nomination task, Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi attempted to hide the ‘zero’ tattooed on Luv’s forehead. For disobeying orders, Hina was nominated for elimination.

Later that night, Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra continued their romance despite being warned by Salman Khan that they must be careful on what they do in a ‘family show’. But they did not seem to have understood the message because they locked themselves in a bathroom stall, away from the cameras, while a Playguard condoms ad hovered on the screen.

Next day, the nominations task continued with Shilpa Shinde on the hotline. Bigg Boss informed her that to save herself from the nominations, she would have to convince her ‘enemy’ Vikas Gupta to destroy his precious ‘lost boy’ jacket.

“This is my favourite jacket, it’s customised,” said Vikas. But he agreed to do it anyway, in an effort to mend his relationship with Shilpa. After weeks of fighting, Vikas came clean and said that he might not have been directly responsible for what happened to Shilpa when she was kicked off her show, but he was complicit. He agreed to saving Shilpa only if she agreed to work with him again once they were out.

She said yes.

Next up was Arshi Khan, who would have to convince Shilpa to destroy a present sent by her brother. Like everyone before her, she agreed to complete the task. And with that, Arshi Khan was saved.

.@lostboy54 sacrifices his favorite jacket to save Shilpa from nominations! Did you expect this? Watch #BB11 tonight at 10:30 PM! pic.twitter.com/YbawhpgNFs

— Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) November 14, 2017

It was Puneesh’s turn next, and maybe to test their relationship, Bigg Boss tasked him with convincing Bandgi to turn in all her clothes and makeup to save him. Bandgi also said yes.

But soon, she would have to convince Akash Dadlani to shave his head to save her. Akash became the first person to refuse, but Puneesh begged him to save Bandgi. And it worked. Joking about why Bandgi had to fall in love with Puneesh, he shaved his own head.

Next up was Luv, who could avoid getting nominated only if Hina destroyed her 8-year-old soft toy. Only yesterday, Luv saved Hina. As Shilpa and Arshi mocked her, Hina tearfully brought her toy out and destroyed it.

It was Vikas’ turn next. He’d have to convince Arshi to turn in all her nighties to save him. To everyone’s surprise, she too agreed.

Sapna was the last person to be brought up. To save her, Puneesh would have to wear Sapna’s salwar kameez for the entire week, day and night. Puneesh and Bandgi began making some homophobic comments, and Puneesh became the first person to turn down the task, thereby nominating Sapna.

With that Bigg Boss announced that the three contestants to be nominated for eviction this week are Benafsha, Hina and Sapna.

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