Greater Noida, Feb 11 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said there is a shift in energy consumption from West to East and we are entering an era of greater energy availability.
Mr Modi welcoming 7000 delegates from over 60 countries at PETROTECH-2019, the 13th edition of India’s flagship hydrocarbon Conference here, said, “Several decades of public life have convinced me that energy is a key driver of socio-economic growth. Suitably priced, stable and sustainable energy supply, is essential for rapid growth of the economy. It also helps the poor and deprived sections of society, to partake of economic benefits.”
“At the macro level, the energy sector is a pivot and key enabler of growth. Energy supply, energy sources and energy consumption patterns are changing. Perhaps, this could be a historic transition. There is a shift in energy consumption from West to East,” said the Prime Minister.

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