'The Last Dance' may have been done this Sunday, but that hasn't stopped the show from being widely discussed across the world. 'After the Dance With Stephen A Smith: A SportsCenter Special' saw ESPN host and NBA expert commentator, Smith interact with the legends of the game and one of them was NBA legend, Magic Johnson. One of the questions the Hall of Famer was asked were names of five current players who would have been stellar performers and stars in the era Magic and Johnson played in.

"Well that's really easy for me," Johnson said. "LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, and Giannis Antetokounmpo." While talking about Durant, he also added: "No question, that guy can score in any era." When it came to Curry, "Steph Curry could still shoot the way he's shooting right now," he opined. According to Bleacher Report, Curry has four of the top six seasons in NBA history in made three-pointers, a technique that would have made him difficult to defend back in the day.

Johnson also said Davis and Antetokounmpo "could definitely play in the era that I was in." The show also saw big names in the form of Shaquille O'Neal, Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Roberts, and Anthony Anderson. As far as the 'The Last Dance' goes, the 10-part ESPN docuseries final episodes, 9 and 10, averaged 5.9 million viewers across the world. Fans have been optimistic about the special and this fan tweet describes it perfectly— "Stephen A. Smith’s best work has always been with the NBA. Great to see him and Magic talking about MJ."

'The Last Dance' traced the final season of the Chicago Bulls under Phil Jackson while also going in-depth by dishing out never-seen-before footage and some valuable information by Jordan himself. 'After the Dance' comes across as an additional welcome piece of content after the massive impact the ESPN docuseries had on fans worldwide.

Who are your five players who could have been among the greats in Johnson and Jordan's times?

'The Last Dance' is available for streaming on Netflix.