LeBron James. Still the best player in the world right now. The superstar centerpiece of an iconic franchise... that's arguably the most dysfunctional one in the NBA. So, are we meant to believe that the King is happy with how things are going in SoCal?

Let's take it from the top. LeBron left Cleveland to go to LA in hopes of bringing back the Lake Show of old. Many questioned whether or not this was a good decision considering his annual dominance of the Eastern Conference and the massive increase in difficulty that comes with competing out West.

Since that time, LBJ has dominated on an individual basis, but the Lakers as a whole turned out to be one of the least dominant teams around. They missed the playoffs straight away, the first time the King has been on the outside of the postseason looking in since 2005. That doesn't sound like happy times.

Along with all losing, the Laker front office is in a state of chaos. They signed a signifcant number of weak, ineffectual players last offseason, and have created a disaster now that Magic Johnson has resigned, GM Rob Pelinka has been handed more power, and owner Jeanie Buss' personal friends reportedly have oversized influence within the organization.

And if that's not enough, the Lakers went through a long, disappointing search for a new head coach in which a deal couldn't be reached with LeBron's former coach, Tyronn Lue. Instead, they're stuck with Frank Vogel, who just isn't going to move the needle.

LeBron James is a classy guy. He always has been. If he has a problem, he and his people tend to manage it promptly. So when he claims that he is happy as a Laker right now, he's trying to maintain stability and keep things from spinning out of control.

He's just probably not telling the truth.