Remember when Chad Johnson excited fans when he announced that he was trying out for the XFL as a kicker? As we know, the former Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver didn't live up to his end of the bargain and skipped the workout. At one point, Johnson even eyed a return to the NFL as a kicker, but that dream was also short lived.

Well, it would appear that the six-time Pro Bowler is embracing a transition to cornerback. Johnson spotted Buffalo Bills wideout Stefon Diggs training near him in Florida and subsequently called the 26-year-old stud out to try and catch a pass against him.

Let's just say that the retired 42-year-old Johnson would regret slandering Diggs, who actually agreed to line up against him. Johnson gave it his best effort, but the former Maryland star managed to haul in the reception from Washington Redskins signal caller Dwayne Haskins on a route along the sidelines.

Johnson was quick to back his coverage by claiming that he was inches away from breaking up the pass. As expected, he credited Haskins' throw and failed to acknowledge Diggs' polished route. Something tells us that the former 11-year vet shouldn't have undercut the route unless he knew he could make a play on the ball, but what do we know?

In the meantime, Johnson should seriously work on his coverage skills before he calls out another current NFL pass catcher in the prime of his career.