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Model Jenna Bentley saw celebs 'having sex everywhere' at Playboy mansion on Halloween

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One among Hugh Hefner's harem of girlfriends and a former Playboy bunny herself, Montana's Jenna Bentley recalls vivid memories from her time at the infamous mansion. With Halloween just around the corner, the model went down memory lane reminiscing her initial experiences at one of the celebrations at the house that she was a part of. The former Playmate revealed she was an attendee at the mansion's Halloween party where she got completely naked to get her body covered in paint. She also witnessed a number of famous faces from Hollywood get down and dirty anywhere and everywhere at the mansion, "If only the walls could talk," she said.

First things first, the mansion no longer belongs to the late Hugh Hefner. He had sold it while still alive but he was allowed to stay there till his death on September 27, 2017. The place is under major renovation currently and the new owner didn't shut down the process even when California was under lockdown. Daren Metropoulos, Hefner's neighbor, bought the property from him for $100 million just before he died in 2017. A year later, Metropoulos struck a deal with city officials in which the mansion would be permanently protected - regardless of future owners - but would not be subject to the normal restrictions attached to historic landmarks or monuments.


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Musicians, politicians, celebrities at the party

From every stray hair being plucked from her naked body to then being coated in latex and then watching famous people have sex everywhere possible - Jenna Bentley said it was a surreal experience. She was invited to the party with a guy she was dating and that was the first time Bentley met Hefner. It was him who asked the model if she would like to get her naked body painted as a butterfly so that she could properly participate in the celebrations.

“I was blown away by everything, every detail was perfect and no expense was spared,” said the model who shares titillating content with her Instagram followers. “I met Hef before the party began and he asked if I’d like to get involved by being body painted. I obviously said yes, it felt surreal.” Bentley said she had to spend four hours to have the latex painted on her body. “Everyone was so professional but I really had to stand there completely naked while the color was painted on. I was completely plucked bare, there wasn’t a hair on my body and the costume was so intricate and detailed with tiny jewels everywhere. I was so worried about getting sweaty and the paint coming off or spilling something down it but it was perfect. Everyone had different costumes and the house was completely transformed," Bentley said.

Once painted, Bentley began interacting with the rich and famous attendees at the event and witnessed a lot of X-rated activities with "people were having sex everywhere." She continued, "In the grottos, in the pool, I even saw one couple doing it in the pumpkin patch. I couldn't reveal any names of who was getting down and dirty. You can assume there were famous musicians, politicians, and celebrities there. It was so much fun. If only walls could talk."

Bentley also learned something new about herself while at the party. While spending time with the other playboy bunnies at the mansion, she knew she wanted to be one too. "The other girls were so lovely and I had so much fun." This also led to a realization about her own sexuality saying, "It was such an intense experience, it was the first time I really knew that I was attracted to women. I'd always thought I was straight until that night I'd had feelings of attraction to women from a young age but I mistook it as thinking they were pretty and that I wanted to look like them."