India will carry out a third round of evacuation of its remaining nationals later this week from Wuhan, the central Chinese city at the epicentre of the escalating coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak which has claimed .

The Indian embassy on Monday reached out to the remaining Indians in Wuhan and in the province of Hubei, informing them about the evacuation plan.

They will be pulled out from the city when the special Indian air force (IAF) aircraft flies back after bringing medical supplies for the provincial government to fight the outbreak.

India has already evacuated 647 Indians (along with seven Maldivians) from Wuhan earlier this month in two Air India flights.

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Around 110 Indians remain in and around Wuhan; At least 10 among them were not able to make it among the initial two batches of the evacuated as they were either running temperatures or their body temperatures were fluctuating.

External affairs minister S Jaishankar had recently told Parliament that around 80 Indian students remain in Wuhan.

"The government of India will be sending a consignment of medical supplies on board a relief flight to Wuhan later this week to aid and assist China its efforts against the covid-19 epidemic," the embassy said in a message circulated among the remaining Indians through social media."

"On its return, the flight will have some limited capacity to take on board Indian nationals wishing to return to India from Wuhan/Hubei province," the message said.

"Many Indian nationals currently in Wuhan/Hubei province and wishing to return to India have already been in touch with @EOI Beijing in the past two weeks," the message said.

"We urge also Indian nationals from Wuhan/Hubei who intend to avail this flight for India and have not yet contacted @EOI Beijing to urgently call our hotlines or send email before 1900 hours today," the Indian embassy message added.

The evacuated Indians will have to go through a 14-day quarantine to screen them for the deadly pathogen.

Several countries have so far pulled out their nationals from Wuhan

Nepal on Sunday evacuated 175 of its nationals from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Among the other countries to have evacuated citizens from the province and the city are the US, Japan, South Korea, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Pakistan remains a notable exception despite the fact that hundreds of Pakistani students remain stranded in Wuhan.

An NPR report quoted Pakistani students as saying that they will not be evacuated because of "political reasons" - Beijing and Islamabad are very close allies and call themselves "iron brothers".

Pakistani students feel that Islamabad doesn't want to embarrass China by evacuating its nationals from Wuhan.

India had offered to evacuate citizens from other South Asian countries in the first two flights. Only Maldives had taken up the offer.