When and where

Sweat It’s studio in Aldwych, Tuesdays at 6.30pm.

What’s the drill?

A 50-minute HIIT class targeting the lower body, made up of 10 quick-fire rounds: five on the Skillrun treadmill, five on the floor.

It’s a similar format to Barry’s Bootcamp, but non-runners are “rigs” (instead of “floor” or “shapers”) and the set-up is neater. Rigs each have their own zone on the studio floor with a landmine bar, a rig stacked with bars and weights, and a shelf for storing your dumbbells.

The instructor, Seema, takes runners through hill climbs, sprints, parachute mode and sled pushes, while rigs are taken through dumbbell lifts, burpees and landmine sequences. Be prepared for hanging knee raises on the rig in the final round, before a yoga-inspired warm-down on your Skillrun or the floor.

The skinny

Expect to burn hundreds of calories. The class does what it says on the tin: you’ll be sweating in minutes.

The social network

Mostly young professionals straight from the office. There’s an even split of men and women.

Instructor appeal

Seema usually does the Tuesday night classes. She’s bouncy and unintimidating, and demonstrates each move before you start. She wanders around the room offering friendly encouragement while you’re pushing through the pain, and offers a high five when you leave.

What to pack

Just your water bottle. There’s a tap and towels are provided at reception.

The sounds

Seema’s catchy beats and heavy drops will keep you going until the end of the sled push.

Locker-room chat

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Sweat It’s underground studio has a stripped-back, raw feel with industrial lighting. Expect exposed pipes, smart lockers and sleek showers made from breeze blocks. You can pack light, too: changing rooms are stocked with Dyson hairdryers, GHD straighteners, heat protection spray, deodorant and La Bruket shower products.

Tips for first-timers

Arrive early for an induction: Seema takes first-timers into the studio early, to show you how to use the Skillrun machine and find your weights. Don’t forget your sweat towel.

The afterburn

This class will make you sweat, fast, so you’ll need a shower. You’ll feel it in your legs and glutes the next day. Come regularly and watch your speed and strength fly.

From £21 per class, sweat-it.com