Sanjay Bangar's five-year stint with the Indian cricket team came to a close with Vikram Rathour replacing him as the batting coach. However, he has had a significant impact on Indian cricket and the former batting coach has spoken about he worked with different Indian batsmen differently right through his stint.

"Virat always looks to iron out deficiencies. We worked on his alignments, positioning on the crease, his approach in seaming conditions. Shikhar was initially considered to be an off-side player, he used to stay beside the line of the ball. We worked on how he could get behind the line and open up scoring areas and overcome his dismissals against the short ball," Bangar was as quoted by Cricbuzz.

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For all his talent and pedigree, Rohit Sharma had a visible weakness against the incoming delivery, especially when it was delivered by a left-arm seam bowler. Bangar revealed how he worked with the right-hander on this particular issue. He also spoke about Cheteshwar Pujara reducing the width of this stance in order to be more prolific.

"For Indian batsmen, who are not that tall and also who play a lot on wickets with variable turn and bounce, footwork is a key component of batsmanship which allows greater control," Bangar said on the reasons why the wide stance was done away with.

He also spoke about how he built a superb working relationship with the players and never faced any problems with a dressing room which had a number of superstars.

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"Never. My experience in dealing with players is that once they trust you, they are more concerned about their future rather than the coach's past," he added.

For Bangar batting is all about being clear in the thought process and knowing what works in which conditions.

"I was vigilant as to how a player stays close to these basic foundations and also his individual style of play, through regular video footage and one on one discussions," he revealed.