A woman, who was arrested on Sunday for running a brothel, confessed to killing three people, including her husband, said police.

The woman allegedly killed the husband and dumped his body in the septic tank of her house 13 years ago, said police. “Savita Bharati, 42, killed her husband Sahdev in 2004, when he caught her in a compromising position with her lover Kamlesh. The duo then stoned Sahdev to death and buried his body in a septic tank in the house. They covered the tank with cement,” said Kiran Kabadi, senior inspector, Palghar police station.

Bharati told her neighbours that her husband was an alcoholic who deserted her. “We will send the skeleton for forensic analysis,” said Kabadi.

In the second case, Bharati killed her client, as she wanted the Rs1 lakh that he was carrying, said police. “We are yet to find the body,” said the official. “The third murder was a case of human sacrifice.”

Savita has two children. “She will be produced before the Palghar court on Thursday,” said the official.