Pokemon Go's next Community Day details revealed

'Pokémon Go's next Community Day will feature Chikorita as its star catch.

The hugely popular augmented reality (AR) mobile game from Niantic is set to get another Community Day on September 22, and the developers have now revealed more details on the event, including the featured Pokemon, which is the Grass-type monster Chikorita.

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Chikorita was one of three starter Pokemon in the 'Gold' and 'Silver' main games, alongside Fire-type Cyndaquil and Water-type Totodile, and the green leafy creature will be much easier to find than usual during the mobile app's upcoming event.

For the duration of the event - which usually lasts for a few hours - players will have a higher chance of coming across Chikorita, and, as with all Community Days, the Pokemon will be able to learn a special move if evolved during the event, though Niantic is yet to reveal which move that will be.

In addition to the increased Chikorita spawns, September's Community Day will feature other bonuses including triple XP for all catches, as well as Lure Modules - which draw Pokemon to a specific area - lasting for a whopping three hours, rather than their usual 30 minute duration.

Before the Community Day launches, Niantic will close out the current Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2018 event by hosting a real-world Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, Japan.

The event is inspired by the section of the main games in which players enter a controlled grassy area in the hopes of catching unique Pokemon which aren't available anywhere else in the game.

The Safari Zone launched on Wednesday (29.08.18), and runs until Sunday (02.08.18), and players who can't make it in person will still be able to complete Global Challenges to unlock in-game rewards.

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