The Monday Night Football clash between the Packers and Lions was marred by controversy due to some lackluster officiating from the referees.

One former Packer has chimed in to criticize the officiating staff, as linebacker Clay Matthews ripped the NFL's Senior Vice President of officiating, Al Riveron, and the rest of the NFL officials after a series of questionable calls during the primetime game.

Matthews, while not specifically mentioning the MNF game, was clearly talking about the despicable missed calls throughout the contest.

Matthews played the first 10 years of his NFL career in a Packers uniform before signing with the Rams this past offseason. But even as a former member of the team, he wasn't afraid to voice his frustration with the poor officiating, even if it did result in a Packers win.

The Lions-Packers fiasco was just the culmination of a bad overall week of officiating for the NFL.

There were also some controversial calls (and non-calls) from both the Texans-Chiefs clash and the Giants-Patriots game, to name a few.

Officiating has been harshly criticized in the league, particularly since the infamous missed call in last year's NFC Championship, and now players are taking to social media to voice their lack of content with Al Riveron and Co.