Magic Johnson seems to be in the headline of almost every major story about the NBA these days. He appeared on ESPN's First Take last week to air out his grievances with the Los Angeles Lakers organization following his departure from the team, mostly taking shots at their GM Rob Pelinka

Speaking of Pelinka, his Lakers took another PR hit this morning with a story published by ESPN that gave an insider perspective on the dysfunction in the organization. With all this buzz surrounding his former team, Magic decided to tweet... about his morning workout following Memorial Day Weekend?

Obviously, people are ripping him in the mentions. Not only is this yet another boring tweet from Johnson, but no one really cares that much about everything you ate yesterday. But evidently, Magic still felt compelled to share.

It just goes to show how much of a laughingstock the Lakers' circus has become.

Here's my personal favorite:

If you don't get this reference, Mike's joking about the ridiculous Rob Pelinka story about how he introduced Kobe Bryant to Heath Ledger following the release of "The Dark Knight." Pelinka claimed he set up a dinner per Kobe's request with the famous actor after he saw the movie, even though the actor tragically died six months before the film hit theaters.

With the NBA Finals right around the corner, be on the lookout for a boring, wasteful tweetstorm from Johnson.