Despite the game's outcome already being decided, tensions erupted late in the fourth quarter of Alabama's beatdown of Texas A&M on Saturday. Crimson Tide receiver Devonta Smith and Aggies defensive back Leon O'Neal Jr. were involved in a brief scrap after being tied up while going up for a ball. Well, that elevated into something much more as both players ultimately ended up throwing punches near the sidelines. The bizarre storyline here, however, is the fact that ONLY Smith was ejected by officials.

The second guy truly does always get caught. O'Neal clearly delivered the first blow (he even threw Smith to the ground to get it all started) and Smith retaliated, as most players would to defend themselves, and he's the one that gets tossed.

The NCAA has some seriously explaining to do for their crew's ludicrous decision-making from this melee.

Smith had already done damage to Texas A&M on the field, and after getting dragged into the scrap with O'Neal Jr. he found himself looking at an early trip to the locker room.

Still, with seven receptions, 99 yards and a touchdown under his belt, Smith has nothing to hang is head about.