It's really depressing to think that we should almost be two months into the MLB regular season. It's even worse when you realize how bleak the latest restart efforts have been in the wake of the owners' absurd proposal for splitting this year's revenues. For any fans holding doubts that the 2020 campaign will be played, this poetic bat flip from Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr. will have you clamoring for baseball's return.

We almost forgot what a savage bat flip looked like in real time. This was a sweet reminder from the former Rookie of the Year.

This highlight should excite Braves fans as it serves as yet another example of the 22-year-old phenom staying fresh in case the players and owners reach a compromise. If the season is carried out, you can bet that Acuna will come out firing on all cylinders from Day 1.

Consider this a warning, big league pitchers.