It isn't easy to build a business from scratch. Three successful entrepreneurs on ‘Undercover Billionaire’ are betting $1M that they can go undercover in three different cities, start their own business with just $100 and top the million-dollar mark in just 90 days. Woah!

In the second episode of Discovery's new show, Monique Idlett‐Mosley meets Alexander Fardell, who helps her kickstart her business plan. If you haven't seen the first episode, here's a little background: Monique was earlier married to musician Timbaland and she is the founder and CEO of Reign Ventures, a technology fund that empowers young entrepreneurs to create their own multimillion-dollar businesses.

As she climbs the ladder of success while posing as Monique Lemai in the city of Tacoma in Washington state, here's a sneak peek at the entrepreneur who helped.

What is Fardell Farms?

Operating at the commercial property in Entiat, WA, Fardell Farms aims at providing quality produce of a variety of fruits including cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, crossbreeds, nectarines, pears and apples. The company also supports small farmers in the Pacific Northwest.

Opened in 1965, they have been selling at Trader John's Lake Entiat Fruitstand right off Highway 97A in downtown Entiat, with the property being in the Fardell family since 1995 when it was first purchased. The farm business is owned by Alex and his younger brother, John Fardell, and they hope to turn it into a destination featuring a grill, outdoor events and area wines.

In an interview with King5, their mother Sharon Lunberg said, “Just sideways things, it wasn't right, and then low and behold, this year the sons want it!" Lunberg said. "Feels good, it does. They are smart, hard working.”

Who is Alex Fardell?

The owner of Fardell Farms, his LinkedIn profile reads, “In 2013, my brother John started doing farmers markets over in the greater Tacoma area. This grew into locations at Yelm, Tacoma, Sammamish, WA. In 2015 Fardell Farms, LLC took over responsibilities for all markets. Currently, we run 6 farmers' markets during the summer season and we will be growing again in 2016 summer.”

According to his profile, he studied BA in Business at the University of Puget Sound from 2002 to 2006 and then went on to work with United States Department of Agriculture for seven years. He is also a partner at Advanced Coating Solutions LLC and he writes about Fardell Farms, “TraderJohn's Fruitstand is open 7 days a week 9 am-7 pm or as long as the doors are open. We sell along with all the fruit we grow, only the best varieties I can buy direct from farm owners in my local area. Also local retail items including honey, jams, pickled items, sauces, snacks, hand-scooped ice-cream, coffee, wine.”

'Undercover Billionaire' Season 2 and the new series 'Undercover Billionaire: Comeback City' premiered on January 6, at 8 pm and 10 pm ET/PT, respectively, on Discovery. Subsequent episodes will air every Wednesday in the same time slot.