A school in Belagavi, Karnataka, does not want its students to stray, at least not with their hairdos. For that, the school has a punishment lined up if the schoolkids don't don a haircut deemed proper.

Headmistress Kiran Desai of St John's English Medium School in Kakati village has allegedly cut hair of a few students.

The headmistress using scissors gave kids a look and punishment which did not go down well with their parents.

The punishment was given because according to Desai, the students disobeyed the school's stern instructions.

The incident came to light after as many as 20 young boys went home with new haircuts styled by their headmistress.

Headmistress in Karnataka chops hair of students to punish them.

When the furious parents learnt about the incident, they were quick to get into action and take the matter up with the school authorities.

The incident escalated and soon the matter was taken to the District Deputy Direction Public Instruction (DDPI). Apart from DDPI, the matter was raised with the Block Education Officer (BEO) as well, who visited the school and has now served a show-cause notice to the school.