Now that the Phoenix Foundation is back on its feet, it's time to get to work saving the world, one improvised science hack at a time. But with Phoenix no longer being run by the government, Angus "Mac" MacGyver (Lucas Till) and his team are going to have their work cut out for them, especially when they go up against a general in 'MacGyver' Season 4 Episode 2 'Red Cell + Quantum + Cold + Committed'.

In the upcoming episode, the team will be hired to troubleshoot security at a military lab but not everything is as it seems. We don't know yet if the mysterious organization teased in the first episode will have something to do with what happens in 'Red Cell + Quantum + Cold + Committed' but we do know that the main threat is going to be General John Acosta, played by guest star Xander Berkeley (Sheriff Thomas McAllister on 'The Mentalist').

Based on the promo for the episode, Acosta is being threatened by certain people to commit a terrible crime and only the team has any hope of stopping him. This is a problem because the promo also reveals that Acosta is going to turn the team into America's most wanted criminals. Right about now, Mac must be thinking how much easier things were back in the day when they had the weight of the government behind them.

Here's the official synopsis for the upcoming episode: "Department of Defense General John Acosta (Xander Berkeley) recruits MacGyver to steal a highly classified project from a military lab in order to find flaws in its security. But when it’s discovered that the general is planning an attack using the weapon, Phoenix must stop Acosta before the weapon is uploaded."

'Macgyver' Season 4 airs new episodes every Friday at 8/7c only on CBS.