What is Lil Esco 28's net worth? Inside the 15-year-old's diamond chains, dirt bikes and luxury watches

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Lil Esco began has been trending on Twitter since April 7, Wednesday night. Many of his followers took to the app and started discussing a rumored attack on the musical artist where he was shot thrice. Many believe he's in a serious condition at the hospital battling for his life. However, things don't seem to be as serious as the fans are assuming it to be.

Esco's father, who goes by PapaEsco on Instagram, shared a story earlier in the day asking for a "lil prayer" for his son. Later on, he shared a video of Esco lying on the hospital bed with an IV on his arm, and a bandage on another, and some other and electrodes attached to his chest. Esco was awake and scrolling through his phone; he did not look up to the camera and neither was there any message from him for fans apprising him of his situation.

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However, PapaEsco assured fans that he was doing okay after "something" happened to his son earlier in the day. Esco has a million-strong following on Instagram and the 15-year-old lives a life that is a cause of envy to a lot of his fans. He is just a teenager but is making all the moves similar to his older counterparts from the music industry. This includes keeping his neck and wrist iced up, in regular terms he invests a lot in jewelry and watches.

But he doesn't stop there and is also often seen partying in the company of semi-clothed women and often makes posts about it; posts similar to what you'd generally see on the page of someone like Migos rapper Offset, for example. So how does Lil Esco manage to keep up with this lifestyle? Let's take a look at his net worth.

Lil Esco's net worth

Lil Esco 28's earnings for the year 2021 have not been made public yet. His net worth in 2020 was estimated to be anywhere between $61.6K to $81.4K. Very impressive for a 15-year-old but the question remains how does he manage to afford all his baubles and other valuable possessions? Let's take a look at some of his prized possessions.

Lil Esco's diamond jewellery

Lil Esco's Instagram activity reveals that he truly believes in the saying 'have it, flaunt it'. The teenager recently made two posts about his jewels, one of which was posted from his jewellers' store. Esco purchased a chain with a huge 28 Esco pendant and he even filmed the part where the diamond selector II pen was hitting straight red bars when it touched the stones proving that they were all real. Watch the video below.

The second video is of another pendant shaped like a teddy bear with his name 28 Esco etched on it. The diamond selector II pen went straight red as it touched the stones on this one as well proving that this too was made up of authentic real diamonds. The cost of such pieces begins at $50K-$60K and that's quite a lot of money right there.

Lil Esco 28 bought his first Rolex with all cash

Lil Esco loves his gold as much as diamonds. At the end of 2020, the teenager purchased a Rolex watch that appeared to be made of yellow gold and the bezel was encrusted with diamonds. The price of it is estimated at $37,760 on Rolex's website and Esco's post suggests that he paid for the luxury watch in all cash.

Lil Esco's Kawasaki dirt bike

Lil Esco loves to party but he also leans into his adventurous side at times. He was seen driving his dirt bike on a leaf-strewn driveway in one of the posts shared on his Instagram page. He claimed to be bored and to solve it Lil Esco "cashed out" on his new hot wheels, prices for which start at $7,000.

Here's another video of Lil Esco doing big boy things as he sits in a bathtub laced with dollars while he covers his face with another stack of cash bills. Watch the video below. You can also check out his Spotify for his music.

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