Loren and Alexei Brovarnik had been looking forward to welcoming their baby boy but there's one thing they did not see coming for his arrival a week before his due date. Loren knew she would need a C-section due to her pre-eclampsia condition. Pre-eclampsia is a concerning health condition during pregnancy where the blood pressure of the mother increases and can become harmful. Despite this, Loren decided to be positive and look forward to what was to come. Things seemed to become a bit hard for her when she realized that she would have to stay at home due during her entire pregnancy due to the Covid-19. She felt the emotional and mental toll on her health due to the pandemic.

To make matters worse, she was getting emotional at the smallest things because of her pregnancy. The pair tried to get past all the difficulties that had been put in front of them and decided to head for a checkup ahead of baby's arrival. Loren revealed she was a week away from the due date but wanted to know if everything was fine with the baby. While the pair expected to hear happy news, they were surprised to find out that Loren might have to go for an emergency C-section as her blood pressure had been high due to pre-eclampsia. The doctor was concerned about Loren's health and suggested it would be good for her to go to a hospital to check if an emergency C-section was needed.

With excitement and nervousness taking equal place, Loren and Alexie entered the hospital being uncertain of what was to come. As expected, Loren had to be rushed in for an emergency C-section. The surgery went well and the pair welcomed their baby boy. Unfortunately, Loren could not meet her son immediately after delivery as he had to be kept in an ICU since he came to a couple of days before his due date. Loren also found it hard to go and check up on his son by herself as she was on medications due to pre-eclampsia. After spending a day at the hospital, Loren and the baby got a green light to leave the hospital and head back home. The couple showed the newborn to their parents virtually and were all set their life together.

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