Remember the rib-tickling scene where Hunny and Choocha enter the college on their horses all suited up in the film Fukrey(2013). While every fuchcha would want an entry like that, the fashion faux pas that comes with it is surely something they do not want to recreate. Acing college fashion seems easy but wouldn’t it be better if you’re bringing your A-game to that as well? We talked to some fashion pros from the city and got tips for you that would really make the right statement on your first day (and every other day of the new session.

‘Wearing neutrals with neon is a big trend’

•The idea is to have a wardrobe that is seasonal..For the college students key is to mix comfort with style. Mix and match and layering would be a good trend for them. Mix an interesting layered brights and layered prints.

•Denim is a big trend because there’s so many different ways youngsters can make denim look cool today.

•There are so many accessories that can quirk up even basic clothes, whether its cuffs for men or big earings for the girls.

•Wearing head to toe brand is something that they should definitely avoid. Another thing that they need to avoid is trading style for comfort.

•Wearing neutrals with neon is a big trend. Like black, white, grey, navy with pops of colour like neon or bright colours.

•They should present themselves in the best way possible in which they feel most like themselves.When they feel good about themselves in when they are the most confident.

(Inputs by designer Nachiket Barve)

‘Wide pants are trending right now’

•For college going girls, especially in this heat the key is to keep it easy and breezy. Trends that work are flowy, airy kurtas, dresses and tops-paired with loose pants.

•Wide pants are trending right now and girls should take full advantage of that this summer.

•Wear your long kurtas as maxi dresses, it looks cool and beats the heat. They’re trendy, casual and super comfortable at the same time.

•Go for breathable fabrics- cottons, cottons and cottons can’t stress on it more.

•Lacey work and ruffles, are in this season. Prints too are big this season.

•The biggest faux pas is to wear something that isn’t comfortable. Stay away from super tight clothes and synthetic materials. Another mistake is wearing skinny jeans sneakers to college in the summer! Go for sandals, slippers, sliders and breezy bottoms.

•Don’t be scared to repeat your looks. A different hairstyle or a single accessory can transform an outfit and make it a new look.

•Pastel colours are always a no brainer.

(Inputs by designer Rina Dhaka)

‘Accessories, bag and shoes will set you apart from others’

•Gender fluid silhouette and sustainable fashion are big these days.

•Students should not over dress up, should know where to draw the line.

•Deep and darker shades of bright, deeper coral, burn turmeric, dried blood are in.

•Pay attention to your accessories, bag and shoes.These are the things that will set you apart from others.

(Inputs by designer Jenjum Gadi)

‘Chunky sneakers and Pastel colours’

•Important to make sure that pant lengths are just right with crop pants .

•Chunky sneakers, and Pastel colours are the way to go.

•Tailored sportswear has that great dressy yet sporty look perfect for college students who like dressing well.

• Opt for amp/ open collar shirts for more dressed yet a cool look.

•They should avoid mixing too many trendy things together.

•Don’t copy trends blindly, make sure it works with your body and personality.

(Inputs by designer Dhruv Vaish)

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First Published: Jul 19, 2019 13:43 IST