​Looks like Trent Forrest finally found a way to stop ​Zion Williamson.

The Florida State guard took the superstar freshman out of Duke's matchup against the Seminoles in Tallahassee with some nasty eye-gouging. If you have a weak stomach, be warned.

That had to hurt.

​Zion was well on his way to another strong game before he was knocked out of this game with that eye injury. Williamson had 11 points on 5-10 shooting to go along with eight rebounds in just 17 minutes.

With Williamson out, Many surely thought that Mike Krzyzewski's Blue Devils would be at risk of crumbling. That level of insane athletic ability just cannot be replaced. While it took them some time, eventually they settled in and continued to do their thing.

​And in the closing seconds, Cam Reddish capped a frantic Duke comeback with a wide-open three at the buzzer to give the visitors a 80-78 win.

Hopefully Zion's injury isn't as bad as it looked in that photo or on TV. We are in desperate need of some more gravity-defying dunks. ​​