Spoilers for 'Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story'

Episode 5 'Scream Therapy' saw Dan Broderick's (Christian Slater) intelligence and influence with the law win as Betty Broderick (Amanda Peet) is sent to jail for six days. The episode took us back to the end of Episode 1 where Dan was able to get the following ruling; "The issue of dissolution of marriage will be bifurcated, divorce is hereby granted." The start of Episode 5 saw the fallout of when Betty is served finalized divorce papers and her desperate behavior becomes the forefront of all of her actions.

"He has everything, they gave him everything," she said. She couldn't even see her children, "no visitation for the mother until she undertakes an appropriate program of psychiatric therapy," read the document. While the back and forth of Dan using his lawyer to poke at the bear and Betty reacting in a baseless manner, it was an episode that showed how Betty started to question her own sanity when Dan ends up taking everything away from her. Now, in jail, we speculate that Episode 6 will show us how Betty fairs in jail for six days. Will she get another lawyer, will she want to continue to fight? The episode will most likely show us Betty's next move after her ex-husband sent her to jail.

Since we do know that Betty ends up killing Dan and Linda Kolkena (Rachel Keller), we speculate that with only three episodes left, the series will now dive into the narrative that would show us the events before the double murder. At the time of their death, Dan and Linda were married and since Episode 4 showed us the engagement, we hope to see a wedding. We saw how Betty reacted when she heard Linda's voice on Dan's home voicemail "You've reached the Brodericks!" said Linda's recorded message. We wonder how Betty will take it when she finds out Dan and Linda are engaged to be married? Who tells her?

We speculate we will see Betty finally do something about Dan instead of passively accepting his threats by threatening him back. "I'm not going to be a single mother of two kids, he'll die first. I threatened him all the time," she had said in Episode 5. Betty does not seem to back down, although her ways of doing so with the destruction of property and leaving Dan nasty messages, have gotten her into trouble. Dan, who has an adoration of how Betty is dependent on him knows how to provoke his ex-wife, and now we speculate Betty might 'grow up.'

With Dan now seemingly going public with his relationship with Linda, we would assume the once mistress has now been acquainted with the family. We speculate we see Betty question her children again as her paranoia of being replaced by Linda grows. In the last episode, we saw her being nasty with her son who had asked her to grow up. With the court ruling that Dan keeps the kids and has sole custody with visitation for Betty at his discretion, Betty's anger must grow as Linda continues to be part of her family. As we get closer to the murder, we wonder if Dan ever stopped poking the bear as he seems to enjoy his sadistic manipulation of Betty. We hope to see what Betty's move is next considering her kids are no more on the table for a battle in court.

'Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story' airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on USA Network.