Life in a royal household comes with its own set of class-apart, royal tastes and preferences, and Queen Elizabeth II is no exception.

As head of the Commonwealth and being from one of the most revered royal families of the world, the Queen's lifestyle has been a matter of great interest among people across the world, be it the handbag she carries or her eating and drinking habits.

The secret to the Queen's healthy and fit body lies in the food she eats. The Queen is said to begin her day with tea and biscuits and a bowl of cereals. Carbs like rice and potatoes, besides garlic, are reportedly not used in the Buckingham Palace kitchens.

This, however, doesn't mean the Queen has given up on comfort foods and drinks entirely. She is known to still indulge in chocolates and an occasional glass of champagne. Her favourite drink, on the other hand, is said to be gin and Dubonnet cocktail.

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What is the Queen's favourite cocktail all about?

For the uninitiated, Dubonnet is a wine-based aperitif, with an alcohol content of 15 per cent. It is a blend of fortified wine, herbs and spices, and goes well with gin.

As fancy as the name may sound, it turns out that the cocktail is quite easy to make.

British etiquette and manners expert William Hanson recently posted a video on social media, to demonstrate the process of making this unique cocktail.

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The cocktail, as mentioned by Hanson, is a ''refreshingly fruity drink with a slightly bitter edge.''

So, if you want to taste the Queen's favourite cocktail, here's how you can make it:

1. Use a lowball tumbler or a wine glass

2. Add three cubes of ice to the glass

3. Add one part gin to the glass

4. Add two parts Dubonnet to the gin in the glass

5. Finally, add a slice of lemon

6. Stir and enjoy the cocktail as a pre-dinner drink

Watch the video here:

How to make the perfect gin and Dubonnet. The drink of choice of Their Majesties The Queen and The Queen Mother... and now also @jordannorth1. [Video: @mikeyworrall1]

A post shared by William Hanson (@williamrhhanson) on Apr 12, 2018 at 10:17am PDT