If you have watched enough of 'Shark Tank' episodes by now, you know that most good products are sometimes a mash-up of two individual items that just go well together. It could be the most unassuming things, but they prove to be revolutionary when put together. For Roq Innovation, that certainly has been the case.

Roq Innovation might have impressed the masses and a few celebs too, but can it impress Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Guest Shark, Peter Jones? Let's find out!


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What is Roq Innovation?

Roq Innovation is a brand that produces handy, everyday items to make life a little easier. Their hit product, HEADLIGHTZ™ is a beanie with a built-in LED light that is a multipurpose tool that has been making waves. As mentioned in Oprah's O Magazine -- "Are you one of those people who likes to walk at night without being hit by a minivan? These beanies have a bright, built-in, rechargeable LED that lasts up to eight solid hours." Now that's a solid pitch!

Who is the founder?

Raquel Graham is the founder of Roq Innovation. She has an MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and a BA in History with an Economics minor from Wesleyan University. She was a marketing strategist and consultant and worked with corporate companies to build their brands. She began ROQ Innovation in 2014, intending to create products that make life easier. "We develop, solve and invent solutions daily to meet the needs of our families. I enjoy providing solutions to making anyone's life a bit easier. We all need that," she said, as mentioned on the website.

While NEKZ, a scarf alternative for children, was her first product, it was HEADLIGHTZ™ that helped build her brand name, after it landed on Oprah's O List.

What is the cost and where to buy?

While the brand itself has a range of products, you can purchase HEADLIGHTZ™ for $19.99 onwards. HEADLIGHTZ™ also has a headband version, which retails from $24.99.

Where is Roq Innovation now?

Roq Innovation's feature in Oprah Winfrey's magazine certainly helped propel the brand to new heights. The brand was also recently featured on View Your Deal during the festive season and shared a post about the same. The caption read -- 'You know it's going to be a great week when you start your Monday off being featured on @viewyourdeal! Shop the ONLY SALE OF THE SEASON for a limited time through the View Your Deal link in our bio. Thank you to the fabulous team at @theviewabc and @viewyourdeal for helping us spread holiday deals and cheer!'

Who will steal the deal?

It's hard to tell who might steal the deal, since it all boils down to numbers. If Roq Innovation has the sales to back it up, Kevin O'Leary might just be the one to add it to his list of Mr Wonderful's curios.

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