The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is looking at 4 floor space index (FSI) along the proposed 37-kilometre high capacity mass transit route (HCMTR) in the city. The civic administration put up a proposal last week about the same before the city improvement committee. Increased FSI as against the existing 2 will increase the population density and also help in raising fund for the project,said people in the know-how.

Once the city improvement committee clears the proposal, it would be put up before the standing committee and eventually before the general body of the civic administration for final nod.

The 4 FSI proposal however is likely to face resistance from activists and some politicians, say officials, even though municipal commissioner Saurabh Rao highlighted the project in his draft budget.

The civic administration has requested the city improvement committee to apply the same transit- oriented development policy (TOD) to HCMTR and give permission for 4 FSI.

“This is an important project which has been delayed by years. To execute the project, civic body needs money. Executing the 4 FSI along the road will help to generate money for this project. Elected members would take final decision on it,” said city engineer Prashant Waghmare.

However, activists are not happy about the proposal. Aneeta Gokhale-Benninger, city-based environmental activist and urban planner has objected the administration’s move. Benninger said, “ I do not understand the logic behind introducing 4 FSI for all projects. Whether Pune will remain a livable city after this decision is a big question? 4 FSI means more population. Is PMC in a position to provide water and manage garbage for the increasing population. Elected members should not accept the proposal without discussion. There is a need to understand the logic behind this. It has to be verified if HCMTR would really be a mass transit related project.”

Standing committee chairman Yogesh Mulik said that HCMTR was charted out at least 30 years ago. “ The civic body was unable to execute the project due to various reasons. Now, PMC has finally decided to go ahead with the project which will be known as the inner ring road.”

“The administration has not yet given any information about the project to the political parties. As the (BJP) office bearers have failed to bring money from the centre and the state governments for such projects, the administrations is coming up with such ideas to generate money,” said Congress leader Arvind Shinde.

First Published: Feb 11, 2019 14:48 IST