George Floyd's death caused widespread chaos in the US. People were quick to take it to the street and express their anger towards his death and many celebrities came forward calling out for justice to be served. While there had been people who chanted 'Black Lives Matter', there had been others who were looting malls and shops.

'Teen Mom' alum Farrah Abraham noticed one such incident taking place right outside her apartment. Abraham posted a video in which people could be seen stealing from CVS. Standing near her window, Abraham could be heard screaming "stop stealing from CVS" in an effort to stop them.

She makes a note of how she has been recording each and everything. Unfortunately, it looks like people are unable to hear her from the apartment. Abraham captioned the video stating she was happy to use her voice for justice. "I’m thankful I use my voice for justice, I call the police, I record and turn into police cars & with over 20 people in jail & 3 cars turned in I’m blessed there are people like me on this earth who care for store owners, working people! Safety," she wrote.

She continued, "In one nation with liberty and justice for all! Lives matter, so stop turning death into stealing, criminal distractions, and start caring for your life & others who wrongfully die each day! Be a hero not about petty crime, not about cybercrime, not about hurting innocent people! STOP IT NOW! I pray one day our children never have to deal with this!"

Fans had mixed reactions to this. Some were upset that Abraham did not voice out her thoughts when Floyd's death had taken place. "I mean stealing is bad I understand what they did was wrong but u can replace an item not a life stop killing These stores have insurance ppl dying don’t," one user wrote.

"America was built off the backs of immigrants ...some stolen from their lands some who had their land stolen from them ...pretty sure that CVS sits on that stolen land ....F*cking CVS WILL BE OKAY," wrote another.

Meanwhile, some praised the reality star as one wrote, "Thank you so much for posting this! You called for justice so hard! I would have thrown curse words but you didn’t. Thank you!"Another comment read, "Good job! Get them thugs that are taking advantage of the situation."