There's nothing a Philadelphia Eagles fan loves more than seeing the Dallas Cowboys in chaos, and the team's inability to agree on an extension with quarterback Dak Prescott is causing exactly that.

Prescott and the 'Boys have been in negotiations for months over the length and price of his extension, and the team was forced to use the franchise tag in March. They're reportedly pushing for a five-year deal to keep Prescott around long-term. Prescott, meanwhile, is understood to prefer a four-year contract similar to those signed by Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff last year.

But no matter how this standoff ends, the Eagles are going to emerge as big winners.

Even if Dak stays in Dallas, there's already been a ton of controversy boiling over about how much money he's demanded. Fans naturally aren't happy with the dispute, and Prescott's teammates can't be thrilled, either. A contract that is historic in size would put a major strain on the team's salary cap and increase their level of difficulty in rounding out the rest of the roster.

On top of that, the Cowboys made the intriguing decision to sign Andy Dalton, the former Cincinnati Bengals starting quarterback, creating potential divisions within the team down the line. Prescott knows the Cowboys have a potential No. 1 guy lurking in the background; that's definitely not a comfortable position to be in.

The Eagles have gone all in on Wentz as their franchise guy, and have reaffirmed that by clearing out threats to his leadership, like former backup quarterback Nick Foles. Their roster for 2020 is just about locked in, and the team is now spending time training and bonding.

If the Cowboys were aiming to dethrone Philly as NFC East champs, this is not the way to do it. The Eagles are solid and continue to check the right boxes. As of this time, the Cowboys just don't have that same stability.