Residents of the Palam Vihar, facing acute problems due to the presence of potholed roads, wrote a letter on Friday to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG), requesting it to fix the problem by taking over the maintenance of the colony at the earliest.

In its letter to the MCG, the residents’ welfare association (RWA) of Palam Vihar has raised concern about degrading condition of roads and other services such as cleanliness, water supply, tree pruning, streetlights and suchlike that, they claim, have been overlooked by the developer Ansal API Limited, especially after the announcement of transfer of the colony to the MCG.

In particular, the residents have complained about a kilometre stretch, from Rezangla Chowk towards Delhi Public School that is full of potholes.

“In our Block-H, the condition of the roads is pathetic due to the presence of potholes. Recent rains have damaged the roads badly. If they are not repaired timely, they will be dangerous for our vehicles,” said Ishu Aggarwal, a resident, adding that roads are in a very bad state in the whole of Palam Vihar.

Ansal API Limited had handed over the maintenance of the colony to the RWA, which outsourced the job to a private company in 2013. However paucity of fund after transfer announcement has been the main reason why roads could not be repaired, as many people stopped paying the monthly maintenance charges.

In February 2016, after the Haryana government issued notification of transfer of private colonies from their developers to the MCG, maintenance collection in private colonies went down year by year.

Sunil Yadav, Palam Vihar RWA president, said,“it is difficult to repair roads, which is a costly task and the RWA needs a good amount of money for that. The MCG should step in and repair our roads.”

The MCG was supposed to take over Ansal’s Palam Vihar and Sushant Lok from Ansal API Limited on January 28. Abhishek Aggarwal, senior vice president, Ansal APIL, said, “We are waiting for our colonies to be taken over by the MCG.” MCG commissioner Yashpal Yadav said, “The transfer process will happen soon.”

First Published: Feb 11, 2019 14:48 IST