KANGPOKPI, Aug. 14 -- Popular pop singer of the Kukis, Janglal Khongsai whose absorbing voice touched thousand hearts among the music lover, is now struggling with serious health issues and currently seeking aid from Government.

Father of six loving children, the famous pop singer from Misao Lhahvom village in Churachandpur district stepped into the music profession since 2000. Despite his economically backward background, the 41 years old struggled hard to get fame and popularity in the music industry especially among the Kuki community but not wealth as music is yet to be recognised for a livelihood in the Kuki society.

It was attitude of considering music as his life he could move ahead with the profession despite of all hurdles from family, society and the music industry itself and hail high his gifted potential and talent to touch thousands heart.

Among many of his popular hits, 'Thimpi jing hen Twipi len jong le' and Ka Thinglhang gam still rule over thousands heart particularly among the Kuki community. He also sings in many other languages apart from Thadou language and even feature in some Thadou-Kuki movies.

According to his wife, Hechin Khongsai, who looks after the ill pop star at Rikhumai Taphou in Senapati district at a private home clinic said that 2-3 years ago, a small lump on his right neck below his jaw began to form and started to swell bigger year by year. He got admitted in a hospital at Imphal this year in the month March.

She continued that doctor suggested operation which they could not afford and it was at the juncture they came to learn about the treatment of such kind at Rikhumai Taphou that their poverty compel them to reach there and start the treatment.

"We have been here for the past five months now and begin to endure financial problem and I am worried if we could further continue the treatment," said a visibly upset Hechin while adding "all I want is his recovery to serve the community with his gifted voice once again" and appeal likeminded people from various community and the state Government to come forward for his help.

The six minor children of the pop star singer and wife who stayed back at their village are looked after by their elderly mother and relatives.

Expressing huge upset for his illness, many fans of Janglal Khongsai in social media especially in Janglal Khongsai Fans WhatsApp group wished him speedy recovery and assured to keep him their prayer for his recovery while also proposing to come forward for his help.

Many philanthropic organisations among the Kuki community including KKL are also prepared to come forward in helping the pop singer while few fans also proposed to organise a concert in aid of the pop singer's treatment while many of his big fans prayed for assistance to the Government so that their star could serve them once again.

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