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‘What in the toy story’: Internet trolls Lori Harvey for experimental ‘jean halter top onesie’ outfit

By Meaww

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey has caught the internet’s attention after she showed off a somewhat experimental look at a recent event in Miami. Lori was on the guest list among the famous faces invited to the event, and the model donned a denim outfit for the occasion. But what grabbed people’s attention was Lori’s twist to the classic denim look. She wore a strapless oversized denim jumpsuit that included a tan-brown colored belt on the bust line with a chunky oval buckle in gold, side pleats, and a slightly flared hem.

Lori opted for the experimental look for the W Magazine and Burberry event, which celebrated art, design, and fashion. Her edgy look was perhaps curated for the specific event, as she accessorized her outfit with a tiny orange shoulder bag for a splash of color and contrast. The SKN by LH founder matched her footwear with a pair of pointy denim pumps that matched the hue of her jumpsuit. She styled her brown tresses in a sleek bob, parted in the middle while keeping her makeup minimal with a glossy pout. According to the credits on her Instagram post, her look was head-to-toe Burberry, an ode to the event she was attending. But while her look might inspire many fashionistas, many social media users were not too impressed by her “baggy” and “oversized” look, even calling it a “jean halter top onesie.” Here’s how the internet reacted to her latest look.


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After Lori Harvey posted an image of her experimental outfit on her Instagram page, many netizens were appalled by her outfit as one person commented in the comments section, “The stylist needs to get fired sis.” Another joked, “If “i’ve had it up to here” was a person.” While one laughed, writing, “Designer brands should stop designing 😂😂.” A netizen questioned the look, penning, “What in the pants is going on?” As another person said, “Throw the whole fashion designer away.” One even called a "jean onesie," writing, "Not the jean halter top onesie. 🤦🏽‍♀️😂"

Many netizens were quick to troll the model, as one person wrote, “When the teacher tells you to pull your pants up.” Another joked, “What in the toy story.” A person also compared it to an animated children’s show, penning,” These the jeans from jimmy neutron😂.” Another laughed at the model and commented, “Lol I think I did this with my dads pants when I was 3. 😂” As one said, “When there’s no shirt to match my pants and I’m already late.” One person even compared her to the “minions” from ‘Despicable Me’ and wrote, “I would look like a despicable me characters if I wore that.”

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