Comedians of TFC online series “Stand Up For Laugh: Juan To Tawa!” make people laugh, sure, but they are careful not to make offensive remarks.

They are Alex Calleja, Winer Aguilar, Yuki Horikoshi, GB Labrador, Kim Idol, Orca, Ramon Cabochan, Nicki Morena, and Clark Llaga.

Performers of TFC’s ‘Stand Up For Laugh: Juan To Tawa!’

Winer said he tests his joked on friends and family first so they could tell him if it’s effective or if they find it off.

Besides that, their jokes go through the editors and Alex, the director of the show.

“They’re the one who clean the jokes up if necessary, to make them more suitable for our audience…”

GB said the last thing they want is to make comedy at other people’s expense. If it so happens a punchline fails, they won’t go low just to get the laughs. There are guidelines to follow, he said.

“When you throw the jokes for two, three times and your audience still doesn’t react to it, it means it’s not effective. You need to polish (or drop it),” said Orca.

Each of the comedians writes his jokes. According to Alex, it takes them about six months minus the testing period and polishing period to get a 15-minute set “tight.”

According to a release, “Stand Up For Laugh” features nine different monologues of topics relatable to the Overseas Filipinos.

Alex has been a comedian for 12 years now. He’s known for being the writers of comedy shows like “It’s Showtime” and “Goin Bulilit.” Alex was co-founder of Comedy Manila.

GB was the first home-grown Filipino comedian to represent the country in Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival.

Clark is Live A.I.D.S writer, and freelance writer by profession.

Winer is champion of the “Last Comedian Standing” in 2016. He has been doing stand-up comedy for five years. He joined “Funny One” Season 2.

Nicki is also known as DJ Nicki Morena during her radio shows on MOR. Nicki was introduced to comedy when he joined “It’s Showtime’s” “Kalokalike” as the look-alike of Nikki Minaj.

Kim wrote pieces for Pooh, Pokwang, and Vice Ganda. He has been in the stand-up comedy scene for the past 20 years.

Ramon is touted the “Oldest Stand-up Comedy Apprentice” of Comedy Manila.

Orca has been in the comedy scene with her band, The Fat Session.

Yuki has been doing stand-up comedy in Japan for 10 years, and in the Philippines for three years.