Life is hard for the Los Angeles Lakers and their fanbase at the moment. Between a disappointing year in LeBron James' first season wearing purple and gold, Magic Johnson's abrupt resignation, and a joke of a protest in which fans denounced Lakers management has sunk the team to a new low. Things didn't get any better when Josh Hart when onto the 'No Chill Podcast' and talked about analytics.

We get it. It's frustrating to dedicate your entire life to a sport, only to have it become increasingly more dominated by numbers and objectivity. But love it or hate it, the analytical side of basketball (and almost every other sport) has become one of the most important factors in the way front offices go about their business.

All in all, there are some things that numbers don't tell you. Analytics often fail to capture certain intangibles that can't be quantified by a number. But that isn't the argument that Hart is making. Instead, Hart wanted to personally attack the guys that dedicate their whole lives to analytics, just as he does with basketball.