National capital Delhi is witnessing increase in the number of people who have recovered from coronavirus disease Covid-19. Till May 30, Delhi has seen 18,495 cases of Covid-19 out of which 8,075 - or 43 per cent - have recovered, according to analysis of data done by Hindustan Times' Hindi language publication Hindustan.

The number of fatalities in Delhi due to Covid-19 stands at 416. The active cases in Delhi are 10,058. Out of this, 5,139 patients are in home isolation, reported Hindustan, quoting Delhi health officials.

There has been a marked increase in the number of those who have recovered from the disease from phase 1 of the lockdown to phase 4. In phase 1, the number of active cases were 1,561 whereas 30 people had recovered - which was less than two per cent.

The number of active cases reached 4,549 in the second phase and those who recovered were 1,362 or 29 per cent. In phase three of the lockdown, the number of active cases were 9,755 and recovered cases 4,202. This was 43 per cent cent of the total number of cases.

In the fourth phase of the lockdown, the rate of recovery is hovering around 45 per cent.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal conceded on Saturday that Delhi has recorded a two-fold increase in Covid-19 cases since May 14, a trend that is worrying. But he urged residents of the city not to panic because a majority of the patients are either asymptomatic or show mild symptoms like cough, cold and fever.

Delhi is several steps ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic and by June 5, will have in place 9,500 hospital beds for patients, Kejriwal said.

The national capital reported 1,163 new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday, crossing the threshold of 1,000 for the third day in a row.

Kejriwal also said the government will launch a dedicated mobile application and a website for people to check the availability of Covid-19 beds and ventilators in hospitals.

"The app will show the data and status of beds and ventilators available in each hospital in Delhi. People who do not use smartphones can access this information on a website that is also being created," he said.

The number of deaths due to Covid-19 in India crossed the 5,000 mark on Saturday, reaching a grim milestone. According to a compilation of data reported by state governments, there have been 181,791 infections and 5,106 fatalities in the country as of Saturday. India took 79 days to record these many deaths, while some of the major Covid-19 hotspots - such United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy - took less than a third of this duration to rack up similar counts.

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