IMPHAL, Aug. 14 -- The governor of Manipur along with the chief minister, council of ministers and other top officials of the state government paid floral tributes to the patriots of Manipur at Bir Tikendrajit Park today.

Governor, Najma Heptulla said that Patriots' Day is of great historical significance for the State of Manipur as it was on this fateful day in 1891 that the brave prince of Manipur, Bir Tikendrajit and General Thangal were hanged in Imphal by the British before thousands of Manipuris for revolting against them. And on the same day, Niranjan Subedar, Kajao and Chirai Naga were hanged till death inside the Manipur jail.

While noting that the British also deported Maharaj Kulachandra and 21 others to Kalapani, the present day Andaman and Nicobar Islands, she further said that she have been urging the Centre to engrave the names of the brave Manipuris also in the memorial to give their rightful place.

Manipuri freedom fighters who were sent on exile were no less patriots than those who fought in India's freedom struggle whose names are recorded in the Memorial for the detenues at Andaman and Nicobar Islands, she said.

The Manipuris showed to the world their unflinching patriotic courage and spirit of sacrifice to challenge the then mighty British Empire, added Najma.

Najma said, "while celebrating the Day and paying homage and tribute to those heroic sons of Manipur who suffered and perished in the hands of the colonial forces for their motherland, we should renew our pledge to work with dedication for the cause of our motherland."

Looking back into history, it is clear that the British entered the fray because of the disunity among the princes of Manipur. History also shows that foreign powers always took advantage of the prevailing disunity and factionalism in other countries to subjugate them. "History cannot be changed but one can always learn from history that disunity among ourselves will bring downfall to our nation," she said.

The belief that the administration listens only when violence is resorted is misplaced and must be dispelled. But at the same time, the administration should not only be responsive but should also see to be responsive. The administration and the population must go hand in hand to ensure that divisive forces do not have an upper hand and that peace is the hallmark of this State, she said.

Saying that people should also resolve to safeguard the age old values of love, peace, tolerance and mutual understanding, the governor also express joy to seeing that the State is steadily progressing and also said that frequent economic blockade along the National Highways of the State which hampered progress is a thing of the past now, she stated.

Manipur has to come up with its own solutions to its problems and if it waits for others to intervene, then it may lose everything. The phenomenon of calling bandhs or economic blockades at the drop of the hat, even for minor incidents has harmed the pace of development in the State and such acts need to be avoided, said the governor.

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