When it comes to SEC Baseball, tournament time is the best time of year. There's underdogs and upsets. There's top 10 plays and not-so-top 10 plays. And when it's all said and done, it is never too late for a game-winning rally. After this afternoon, Auburn and LSU will both have a lot to say about a rally.

In the bottom of the ninth inning with Auburn up 3-2, the most devastatingly unexpected thing happened. LSU had runners on second and third with only one out, and all Auburn's pitcher had to do was hang on. Just two more outs and they would be moving on to the next round.

What happened next can't really be explained, but I'll do my best.

After the pitch was delivered, the ball somehow got hopelessly lost. The catcher was entirely unable to figure out where the ball went, but if you look closely at the video, you can see him kick the ball towards the dugout. The man at bat quickly realized, of course, and called his man on third to run home, tying the score 3-3.

Auburn's first baseman then realized where the ball rolled, dove, scooped it up, and overthrew the catcher. As the ball landed near third base, the man who was once on second decided to take his turn and bring himself on home. And that's that.

Game given away.

With that score, LSU completed a two-run rally to eliminate Auburn and move on to the next round of SEC tournament play. The worst possible way for one team to end their season, and probably the luckiest possible way for the other to continue theirs.