Kobe Bryant wants the Los Angeles Lakers Keep his name out of their mouths!

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a complete and utter embarrassment over the last few months and the full scope of their dysfunction was on full display this morning. But now they have pissed off the Lakers Black Mamba Kobe Bryant

CelebNSports247.com reports that Kobe Bryant wants the Los Angeles Lakers Keep his name out of their mouths.

Kobe had enough after ESPN’s Baxter Holmes wrote an exposé on the team which showcased some of the most egregious things that were happening inside the franchise.

Holmes exposé on the Lakers basically pointed out the worst offenses included bullying from Magic Johnson, and the distrust when it came to the team. It also mentioned LeBron James, as well as LeBron’s agent Rich Paul privately trashing the head coach to the league’s commissioner.

What PISSED off Kobe was a piece of information that came from general manager Rob Pelinka who lied about Kobe Bryant having dinner with Heath Ledger after seeing the Batman: The Dark Knight. Apparently, Pelinka didn’t recall that Ledger had passed away six months before the movie was released in theaters, which makes the dinner story impossible.

But get this, later confirmed that this dinner never actually took place. Yes, another fabricated story from Hollywood and it included Kobe who is LIVID about it.

On ESPN’s First Take Stephen A. Smith explained that Bryant is “livid” about being brought up amongst the Lakers reports. He also added that the Black Mamba doesn’t want to be associated with all the negativity surrounding the franchise.

Smith said:

Kobe Bryant was livid at his name even being mentioned. His attitude is, ‘I’m here coaching my girls I ain’t got nothing to do with any of that nonsense.’


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