Since Magic Johnson entered his position as the Lakers' President of Basketball Operations, people outside of the organization have questioned how good of a hire he was and would become. A lot of people also wondered whether or not he was brought in to act as more of a likable face for the front office of a struggling organization, as opposed to a genuine recruiter and visionary.

Two years later, following his departure, those doubts have only grown louder.

It seemed as though the Lakers organization completely fell into disaster after Magic shocked owner Jeanie Buss and the rest of the organization by stepping down from his position. Since that time, people have wondered what the problem was with the Lakers. It seems like now, after another Magic blindside, that people are starting to figure out where the blame should be placed.

Recently, Johnson went onto ESPN's First Take to crow in full about the real reasons why he left the Lakers, and apparently, they were all a shock to Buss. After Magic's resignation, Buss repeatedly questioned if his departure was due to General Manager Rob Pelinka or anyone else in the front office. Magic insisted that he just didn't feel like himself in the role and wanted his freedom back.

But despite claiming that his resignation was nobody's fault, his words on First Take said otherwise. Magic completely threw Pelinka under the bus, putting Buss, Pelinka, and the entire Lakers organization in a tough spot.

The initial blindside is forgivable. But the second blindside? That's one that could ruin a name, a face, and a whole organization.

Magic's popularity and likability may have been an asset to the Lakers initially, but his most recent actions have done nothing but hurt the Lakers and what they're trying to build for the future, even after he was supposedly out of the building.

But that's just Magic.