IMPHAL, Aug. 14 -- "The general public and all concerned should stay vigil over the presence of Rohingyas in Manipur. The State is already facing issues and if presence of Ronghiya is not monitored, Manipur will sink underneath within 20-30 years from now."

Chief minister stated during Patriot's day observation held today at state Bharatiya Janata Party office located at Canchipur.

Mentioned may be made that six Rohingyas who tried to enter the country with fake Aadhaar cards, have been arrested from Imphal International Airport on August 10.

Rohingyas have similar appearances like the people of Manipur but they have different language, he said. More may have entered the State but who are giving them shelter or who are inviting them to enter the country and why they are taking shelter in the state, is yet to be answered, he said.

Some sections wishes to make the people of the State come under minority groups, he stated. Each individual including all concerned need to take initiative to stop such illegal migrants from entering in the State for their vested interests, he said. To solve such issues, each ethnic community need to discuss together, Biren added.

As a part of the observation, floral tributes were paid to the photograph of the patriots Bir Tikendrajit and Thangal General.

Biren further said on the very day itself, forefather of the Manipur made sacrifices to get freedom and people need to pay tributes with tears. People will not succeed if they do not have a feeling of love for motherland. Whether politician or social worker or even government employees each need to have a feeling of love for motherland, he stated.

Every politician need to spare at least five minutes every day to ponder upon who are infiltrating in Manipur and how much the State has sunk, he said. Politicians need to do politics by considering the present issue of the State as with the past errors. Politicians must not give a chance to repeat such errors for a better Manipur, he added.

"The BJP-led government has already given us the full power to bring development, and if we still cannot save our society, then it would be better to kill ourselves by committing suicide," Biren added.

He said BJP struggled hard to build up its strength across the nation. He appealed that the dedicated members of the political party should try to solve the problems instead of taking sides when there is controversy among the legislatures.

It is hard to build up confidence and trust to an individual but once it is destroyed, it becomes hard to make up, Biren asserted.

Vice president of state BJP, Salam Joy; MLAs of the party including women wings were attended during the observation.

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