Spoilers for 'A Million Little Things' Season 2 Episode 19 'Til Death Do Us Part'

After a long struggle, Rome and Regina Howard (Romany Malco and Christina Moses) find the woman who will let them adopt her baby. Eve (Ebboney Wilson) might have been trying to escape her violent past but when she met Rome and Regina as prospective parents for her unborn child, she felt a glimmer of hope for her child. Fans of the show say that even though the show has been taking us along on this adoption journey, Rome and Regina might not become parents (at least this season).

There are several times that the makers of the show implied this via Eve's very dramatic backstory. Some episodes ago, it was her abusive ex-boyfriend Derek (Michael Drayer), who came looking for Eve after she fled to Boston, eventually showing up at Regina's restaurant out of the blue. In the previous episode, 'Mothers and Daughters', Eve makes an appearance at Regina's baby shower after initially refusing to come. Regina's mother Shelly (Romy Rosemont) is unable to understand this relationship and finds it troubling that Eve would come to Regina's baby shower, the woman who is adopting her child.

With several events leading up to this point in the show suspiciously hinting towards an ominous twist, fans are predicting the adoption will fall through.

"I have a feeling they will not be getting this baby. Something always felt off about Eve. This whole thing happened too fast and too perfectly. Something is up," noted a fan. "I was thinking while watching the episode “Does anyone actually believe they are getting this baby?” added another fan.

Many imagine that it could be because of a miscarriage. In a promo released by the network for the upcoming episode - the Season 2 finale episode - ''Til Death Do Us Part', Eve is shown to have some complications in the middle of her delivery. This has fans assuming that Eve might suffer a miscarriage. "I have a feeling she will lose it. Hoping to be wrong," noted a fan. There is also the possibility that the couple might have to make some very serious decisions. "They're gonna have to choose between the mom and baby," commented a fan.

Whatever it is that the writers may have planned for the Rome-Regina-Eve plotline, fans of the show already know what they should expect.

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